About Me

My name is Matt Erik Katch.

I can be reached at my school e-mail:

I was born 104 years after James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, but only 13 years after Pynchon published Gravity’s Rainbow; although, he was born over 49 years before me. Beckett hung around for 3 years during my lifetime, but Brautigan fell off this earth 2 years before I came into it. David Foster Wallace committed suicide the day after I turned 22, but his genius Infinite Jest came off the presses when I was 10. Had I been born the year when Barthes published the forces of literature in S/Z, I would’ve been 16, 16 years early, which means A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man would’ve been published 54 years before I was born–“would”‘ve because that’s not when I was born, not because it was never published.

I am a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University with a BA in English Writing, also with minors in Philosophy, and Japanese Culture. I have applied for and been accepted to a position with the JET Programme, and will be teaching English in Japan for the next few years.

And I hate speeding tickets.



  1. ann buerger said,

    hey, matt!
    wow! i am impressed! your own blog! :) i
    thanks so much for the book, neither here nor there. very funny and very true!
    enjoy life!
    auntie ann

  2. stevie buerger said,

    very cool! I’m excited to read more:) Great to see you during the holidays and good luck in 09!
    Cousin Stevie B.

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