About Posting on HereSheBe

I enjoy posts on my blog, and I would not leave the comment feature turned on if I didn’t. I like it when I can engage people in discussion based on things I’ve written, literary, critical, or otherwise; however, some people don’t post productively, and so I’ve decided to create this page to go over some general ways that I view a comment to be useful.

  1. Supportive Comments
  2. — a few of these can be found on the About Me page. A supportive comment is just something that says, “I like this” or “I like that.” General comments like this are fine (I don’t mind a little pat on the head), but it’s even better when they
    are more specific.

  3. Constructive Criticism
  4. — comments like the last one linked under supportive comments also serve a constructive criticism aspect of this blog. As a writer, I post early drafts of various work here to see who responds, and those responses are taken into consideration in later drafts when essays, stories, poems, etc. are being rewritten into something for publication. Some people have also reccomended reading, which is always a plus.

  5. Dialogue
  6. some comments are simply put up in order to open a dialogue with me, which is also fine.

Now, I’m sure there are other types of comments that haven’t come up yet (because I only get so many) that I would also enjoy reading. However, there have been several comments posted that I did not care for. They’re not constructive criticism, and they’re not really criticism either; they take the form of personal attacks and rarely have any justification for what they’re saying. If you want to know what comments I will simply delete, you can read my responses to a couple previous incidents.

Thank you for looking this over. I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. roya said,

    your comments about The Dead in this essay and The Warning from The Dead helped me alot to understand the story. would you please tell me your idea about stephen and the ending of A portrait of the artist as a young man? as you remember im not a native speaker . iam persian. im writing a deconstructive essay on these two texts, ive quoted you in my chapter on ‘the dead’. would you please help me in understanding Portrait? i can send you my paper when it is finished. perhaps it may be interesting to read an essay on joyce by an an Asian . if you can help me this is my mail. snowycherryripe@yahoo.com . thanks

  2. Lackenentee said,

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