Something, like a button, it’s something!

October 23, 2009 at 12:10 am (Prose)

This is just a little bit from the start of something. Could be a future short story, maybe even a quick-paced beginning to a novel/novella. Who knows? Not I, at the moment. But there’s actually quite a bit ahead of this that I thought through and took some prewriting notes on, so there is a story after this bit that I just haven’t/didn’t get to that I hope to use sooner or later in something. Anyway, blah blah blah, here ya go:

     At the back of the blackout two children, four and seven, sat hand in hand in hand in hand. Twenty tiny fingers were interlocked to create one entity in the darkness. And then, a child’s whisper, “I’m Millie, what’s your name?” softer than any adult voice and too soft for any adult ears to hear.
     “I’m Gideon.” Their prepubescent voices matched pitch.
     “You’re a boy.” Gideon was already at a loss for words because this casual observation told him that Millie was a girl, and although he wasn’t sure if he should act differently around her, he thought maybe he should. He just didn’t know what to do. The opportunity to do anything was denied him, as a lantern flickered on, and they quickly put the appropriate social distance of a foot and a half between them. As you can no doubt tell, that was the first time Millie encountered Gideon, when their parents happened to meet up one night when lantern oil was burning low. They were destined to become a pair of pretty capable troublemakers.

     It took a few years, but before long they were thick as thieves. And sometimes they were thieves, oblivious to the consequences such activities could carry. Even though she was three years Gideon’s junior, Millie often acted as leader on such endeavors and had proven herself quite capable at thinking around corners, over fences, through hedges, into trees… Presently, there was a series of such thoughts to be had, as they needed to get over Farmer Strawhat’s fence into his orchard and then scale a tree before the dog or the old farmer was alerted. They had done it before, so it was really a meager issue of a repeat performance.


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