Japan Journal: First Insert

October 19, 2009 at 7:17 pm (Japan Journal, Poetry)

Written during a trip to a sake festival near Hiroshima and a subsequent visit to the island of Miwojima:

back in the world
I don’t see anyone back in the world
with the world so often at large–
disappointing, that
everything out there:
hence, everything; though,
I keep trying to bring it home with me,
or keep trying to bring home with me.
why should I remain?
strange how waves from a ferry
always look more real
than waves from a beach,
like filmed w/ handicam, or
modern movies+
high resolution television
too closely resembling what’s in front of
my own eyes.

Fucking BIZARRE!
deer walking the streets
like curious children, following
people w/ food;
completely disinterested in being afraid
of the 100’s of people that encircle
them daily —
this could never happen in America,
cute Japanese kids petting deer
like it’s a zoo, more
likely to scurry than the critters.

back in the world
out in the world
— wheresoever, I happen to see you

time passes more quickly here than any
other place on earth, inexplicably
I find myself,
     finding myself
          moments later–
               the moment already past.
Not sure how long this can go on,
but not very long, I’d imagine.


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