TBD to be incomplete

May 15, 2009 at 4:24 am (General, Poetry, TBD Series)

Just thought I’d take care of this while I was doing some bookkeeping, so to speak —

It was mentioned some time back that there was a final determinant yet to be written for the TBD series, and lo and behold it has yet to be written. I would like to announce that this final determinant is not going to be written. TBD will remain eternally incomplete, but it seems as though that is something completely in sync with the process involved with the rest of the project. It is meant to be open-ended in many ways, and by acknowledging the work’s incompleteness, I think the gesture comes full circle — or rather it opens up in a way that it was meant to. I doubt anyone was holding their breath for the conclusion of this series, but in case anyone ever started wonder what happened to the end of TBD, now you know.


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