Some Upcoming Changes to the Blog

May 15, 2009 at 4:18 am (General)

Well, I’m thinking this blog has used the Dusk wordpress theme since it was created near the beginning of my college career. With my undergraduate days at their end, I feel the need to change it to something lighter, and will most likely be converting to the MistyLook theme in the near future. This also means going back through a lot of the old poetry posts and fixing them to work with the new theme (a big factor in why the theme has never changed before); some of the old poems took hours to get to format correctly. Also, there is a tags feature to wordpress that I have never used, but have started to recognize the usefulness of. I like tag clouds, and would like to incorporate into the blog; although, this requires a theme like MistyLook that has a little more built in functionality, so there isn’t yet another thing hanging out on the lefthand side (MistyLook puts the pages and search at the top, separate from the widgets). Tags would also be an effective way to bring more visitors to the blog, which is always nice, so that will be another big change. Not sure how much it’ll be noticed, but it does mean I’m going back through 350+ posts to try and sort them in this new way. Wish me luck! And don’t expect the changes immediately; they may be something done more towards the start of June — we’ll just have to see how enthusiastic I am, and what time I have available.


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